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Custom Outdoor Tents for Sale

Outdoor events have become more popular than ever. Trade fairs, vendor expos, community events and more, are being held in the outdoors. For such events, you will need outdoor events, and at Display Pros, we carry a diverse collection of top-of-the-range outdoor tents from which you can choose.

These tents are an excellent promotional and marketing product, maximizing your visibility and ensuring you really stand out from the crowd. You also get to enjoy the added practical advantage of protection from inclement weather. A shade when it is shining, a shelter if it’s raining, outdoor tents allow you to continue showcasing your brand through any weather at the next event. It creates a conducive environment in which your team can enjoy some comfort and be their most productive.

At Display Pros, we have stock color outdoor tents that come in neutral colors. Such tents stand out at any event, and attendees will be curious to know who is running the booth. You can also go the other direction with a custom-printed tent. With our designers’ help, you can have your company name, logo, colors, and any other design element unique to your business included in your outdoor tent. The more eye-catching your custom design, the more visible your brand will be at the event, and you will leave a great impression on everyone. You can never go wrong with large, full-color graphics.

Our outdoor tents are also very easy to set up. Compact and portable, you will have an easy time fitting your tent into a van or any other vehicle for transport to and from the event. Assembling and erecting your tent shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and you can be ready in time for the event opening. You don’t require any special training or tools to set up your tent. After the event, you can conveniently keep the tent in the vehicle or in your hotel room, awaiting use at the next event.

Every outdoor tent in our inventory comes with a sturdy support structure, which includes strong aluminum or steel legs and an equally sturdy frame. It ensures your tent holds steady throughout the event and will not get easily knocked down, be it by a strong wind or from human impact.

Browse our inventory of outdoor tents and shop by size. We have different sizes of outdoor tents to suit the amount of space you are located at the event. You will have enough space for your staff, as well as enough room to set up a table to display your offerings.

Some of our tents are square in shape, while others are tubular. Our inflatable outdoor tents also have a wall on all sides except the opening of the tent. With this type of tent, you get a perfect backdrop while at the same time enjoying being separated from other booths and tents as the wall serves as a barrier.

All our outdoor tents are built from top-quality and durable material to guarantee durability. You can look forward to using your tent at multiple events for a very long time to come. At Display Pros, we carry only the best and guarantee that getting any of our outdoor tents is a worthy investment.

You can choose from our collection of accessories that will go perfectly with your outdoor tent, from modular event counters and tabletop flags to outdoor table covers.

Are you looking to stand out at the next event? Achieve maximum visibility and create an indelible impression by combining your choice of an outdoor tent with any one or more of our outdoor event displays.