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Outdoor Flags & Sail Signs

Outdoor flags. Banner flags. Flag banners. Advertising flags. Whatever you prefer to call them, these flags, together with sail signs, are great for outdoor advertising. You can be sure you will be setting sail for success in your advertising campaign with these displays.

Choose from our range of themed flags, and our team of designers will work with you to create the perfect themed design. Among our collection are themed flags that are ready for pick and go, including U.S. flags, state flags, city flags, military flags, and historical flags. If, on the other hand, you are looking for something more plain, then our collection of solid color flags will be perfect for you.

Outdoor flags & sail sign banners come in different shapes and sizes. The most popular shape and design is a banner flag with a curved top, which defines the feather flags. For this type of outdoor flag, Display Pros carry both single and double-sided feather flags. Our giant outdoor flags, on the other hand, are mostly rectangular, with no curves. True to their name, teardrop flags are shaped just like a teardrop and are also available in both single and double-flag designs.

We have medium-sized as well as giant-sized outdoor flags. Display Pros also has a collection of smaller-sized flags and sails, including car flags and mini sail signs. Car flags are perfect for on-the-go advertising and are eye-catchers wherever you go. Attaching car flags is very easy as all you have to do is secure the plastic clamp onto which the flag pole is attached to your window glass. If you choose to fix the car flag on your vehicle’s hood, you will need a high-strength suction cup instead of a plastic clamp.

All our outdoor flags & sail signs are made from carefully selected weather-resistant and very durable material, making them perfect for outdoor use. The banners are lightweight and respond to the slightest breeze. The flagpole is designed to rotate within a ground spike or base. We recommend keeping the area around the flags clear so the flags don’t hit anything as they rotate.

Full-color graphics are printed on the flag material. Double-sided graphics printing is the more popular option and has more impact as your message gets across from different angles. We use dye sublimation digital printing, which delivers the most eye-catching and long-lasting graphics.

As they move to the wind, this movement always catches the attention of those passing by, and they will see the message on your banners. Our outdoor flags & sail signs are subjected to wind tests, and different flags can withstand different wind conditions.

Our flag accessories, including flag post hardware set, are designed for strength and durability. The freestanding pole is light and portable for easy transport. You can choose from different base options suited for use on different surfaces. The bases are sturdy, ensuring your flags hold up well in high-traffic and moderately windy environments. Using ground spikes or stakes, you can place your outdoor flag on grass or soil.

You can let your outdoor flags be freestanding, supported on a post and base. You can also mount the flags on a wall using wall brackets. Assembly and set-up for both options is quite easy. You can fit everything from the flag to the post and base in a durable case for easy transportation.

Get your outdoor flags & sail signs from Display Pros, and you can be sure it will be a long time before you have to think of replacing them. Our extensive range of sail signs and outdoor flags are designed for longevity.