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Furniture & Display Stands

Prominent features in our collection of trade show furniture are canvas, trade show booth chairs as well as inflatable ottomans, stools and booth chairs. We have directors’ chairs, and you can customize by having the canvas on the back of the chair imprinted with your business logo or any other design elements. 

Leaving bags lying around everywhere can make your booth look very untidy. That’s not to mention that they can be a trip hazard if left lying on the floor. Stay organized with our bag stands for a neat and safe booth. The stands are perfect for holding promotional bags that you may want to give as keepsakes. Pack every bag ahead of time, and all you have to do is reach out and hand it over to potentials who come by your booth. The stands are heavy-duty and have a high capacity, ensuring they can comfortably hold many promotional bags at a go. 

Showcase your offerings with our exquisite product displays. These twist tower displays are collapsible, making storage and transport very easy. Both assembly and take-down take little time, and you won’t require any special tools for the job. They include several shelves where you can put your products for easy display.

We also have display easels and literature display stands that are perfect for displaying and distributing your pamphlets, flyers, and any other literary handouts. The multi-step literature display stands come with the advantage of having a bigger capacity in addition to the easy-view benefit. These versatile display stands and easels are foldable, making transporting and storing them very easy. 

Set up your counter as the perfect infodesk, and you will realize that the possibilities of what you can do are endless. You can display some more promotional material, offer product demonstrations and have meaningful one-on-one interactions with anyone who comes by your booth. All this while displaying your brand’s identifying design elements as all Display Pros counters are easily customizable. You get excellent graphics that will stand out at any event.

We also have a wide range of podiums that are perfect for all types of events. Add a wow factor to your booth with Display Pro’s collection of LED podiums that are sure to get your brand noticed. In an event where everyone is doing their best to stand out from the crowd, you can rest assured that the LED backlighting feature for your podium will do just that.

Our range of digital displays includes monitor stands, tablet stands, power pedestal, and digital monitor stands. You will have sturdy support to hold up your monitors of different sizes. Our power pedestals, with a tabletop decal, are also great for displaying promotional material.

Choose from foam, carpet, and foam wood laminate for your trade show flooring. Each of these flooring options is available in several colors, and you get to pick what fits in and blends best with the colors you have going on throughout your booth.  

You can also create a unique look with different color combinations. Our trade show floorings are available in different standard sizes as well as custom sizes to ensure your entire booth is well covered.

Each flooring option has its own benefits. Carpeting, for example, is very soft on the feet. Your staff and visitors who come by your booth will be happy to have something soft beneath their feet, especially if everyone will be on their feet for a long time. 

Talk to us about your furniture & display stands, and trade show flooring needs today. Display Pros is committed to helping you find the perfect combination for your event.